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Earthlink: CEO: Not Prepared To Say Re Acquiring AOL Access Subs

Analysts are spending a fair amount of Earthlink’s earnings call this morning trying to figure out what the access company’s strategy might be with AOL (NYSE: TWX). Chairman and CEO Rolla Huff is leaving the door open for acquisitions overall — as long as it makes sense for shareholders — but he’s careful not to commit either way. Huff: “I’m not prepared to say that we will or won’t consider anything. I’m prepared to say we won

One Response to “Earthlink: CEO: Not Prepared To Say Re Acquiring AOL Access Subs”

  1. Where is earthlink going to get the money from since they themselves are losing so many customers. Earthlink may not realize it since the stupidity from the top seems to roll down hill but there are alot of customers claiming fraud against the company. I cannot believe there stock is up considering all the customer complaints against earthlink. So tell me are you willing to buy earthlink stock if their willing to buy AOL even though customers are leaving left and right. Better put your heads in the right place considering even if earthlink acquires AOL and thats a big if, alot of customers are not going to stay with the company. Google earthlink customer complaints and just maybe you save yourselfs from losing alot of money.