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I just ordered something big, err, I mean small

This week is my birthday and I just ordered something that I probably shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help myself.  They couldn’t give me a ship date yet so I don’t know when I’ll get it but I am stoked I can tell you that.  So if my beautiful spouse reads this forget about getting me something for my birthday, I already took care of it.  :)  I’ll give more details when I know it ships.

27 Responses to “I just ordered something big, err, I mean small”

  1. My guess would also be the p1620. I know Kevin made the same reference about wanting this device in a video chat he had with James not too long ago. (See 39 sec. mark)–j.html

    And my other guess … I know Phillip guessed the Sony Reader, but I’m thinking the Sony Vaio TZ Series. Based on J’s clue about the unknown ship date, if you check out the sony style website, the newer TZ models are on preorder.

  2. Happy Birthday James (a day early)!

    My spouse learned a LONG time ago that new electronics (of course, they are “needed”) appear in the house and are usually assigned to the closet holiday/occasion :)

    I am sure your better half simply likes to see you happy…so she will not be too upset!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you haved added to your “collection”!!

  3. Maddening….it’s bad enough waiting for it to ship…then waiting for it to arrive…but to not know what IT is….sheer sweet agony. T’aint an Air…he’s a spare battery-man. Don’t think he’d put us through this for a memory upgrade to his Touch. Hmmmm.