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Free MP3 metatag editor and 800 x 800 Zune album art

Mp3tagWhen I was using my original Zune, I was frustrated over how difficult it was to edit metatag data on the content files. Actually, it seems like this simple task became logarithmically more challenging around the time WMP11 entered the music scene, but maybe it’s just me. If you’ve been frustrated too, you might want to check out Mp3tag, a free universal tag editor that’s in beta.There’s also word of 800 x 800 resolution album art now in the Zune Marketplace backend: yowza! To get at it, check out the Marketplace zip file put together by Shawn Oster. He indicates you can grab the high-res album art even for tracks you didn’t purchase on the Zune Marketplace. While you check these two freebies out, I’m going to cross of “lograrithmically” from my list of challenging words to use in a post list.(via Zune Thoughts)

4 Responses to “Free MP3 metatag editor and 800 x 800 Zune album art”

  1. Jay Harper

    I’m so happy that you’ve covered this software product. I’ve been using MP3Tag for several years, and I’ve donated to Florian’s project on a few occasions. I use CDEx 1.71 in conjunction with LAME 3.97 beta 2 encoder DLLs to rip my music, and I then use MP3Tag and a whole slew of preconfigured scripts to tag and fill in metadata the way that I like it. The software can also fill in most blanks through predefined queries with ‘’ and Amazon. the Discogs site is well-respected amongst music fans, particularly fans of much more obsure music and the requisite labels that puts out the music.

    *Definitely* take a minute to look through the help file! What this package can do and still be offered for free is AMAZING!

  2. If it only became logarithmically more difficult then that is good. Logs grow at roughly a rate INVERSE to time which means it grows less and less as time goes by. Exponentially would be awful seeing as how it grows at a rate equal to how big it already is! Logarithmic growth is really about the slowest type of growth you might hope for–except for perhaps log of a log growth, or log of a log of a log.. oh hell, you get my point. Cross the word off your list, but me thinks you didn’t really mean what you said.

  3. Free is always good, and I will definitely check this one out.

    However, nothing else I’ve seen when it comes to tagging has come close to Tag&Rename from – it is incredibly slick, fetches data from Amazon and other sources and can rename and reorganize stuff exceedingly well.

    IMHO the standard by which to judge MP3 Tag editors, so far nothing else has beaten it as far as I have seen – but this one seems very interesting, thanks for the tip.