Free MP3 metatag editor and 800 x 800 Zune album art

Mp3tagWhen I was using my original Zune, I was frustrated over how difficult it was to edit metatag data on the content files. Actually, it seems like this simple task became logarithmically more challenging around the time WMP11 entered the music scene, but maybe it’s just me. If you’ve been frustrated too, you might want to check out Mp3tag, a free universal tag editor that’s in beta.There’s also word of 800 x 800 resolution album art now in the Zune Marketplace backend: yowza! To get at it, check out the Marketplace zip file put together by Shawn Oster. He indicates you can grab the high-res album art even for tracks you didn’t purchase on the Zune Marketplace. While you check these two freebies out, I’m going to cross of “lograrithmically” from my list of challenging words to use in a post list.(via Zune Thoughts)


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