Valentines Gifts for Mac Fanatics

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Valentines is coming up, what are you planning to get the Mac Fanatic in your life?

Considering the slew of Apple products out there, it would be simple to just pick up your loved one an Apple TV or an iPod. But for those of you pressed for money, here are a few things you can do instead.

iPhoto Albums

Currently Apple has 20% off iPhoto Albums. Make a quick one for the last trip you and your loved one took, or a “just because” one filled with all your favorite photos and more. Check out The Bargainist for details.


Cables are always a great way of freeing clutter and adding functionality to your Mac. If your loved one has a Video enabled iPod, I recommend the Apple A/V Chord which allows you to hook up your device to any TV and watch your videos or photos on the big screen. Great for portability and really comes in handy if you don’t have an Apple TV laying around.

Speaking of decluttering, I also recommend BlueLounge chord management devices. It may not say I love you like a dozen roses, but if your loved one truly loves Apple, then they can appreciate the simple minded gesture.

“Mixed Tape”

There’s always the classic “Mixed Tape.” Put together a playlist of both your favorite music and surprise them with it on their iPod on your next trip, or go “old school” and burn a CD for them to enjoy.

Gift Cards

If a “mixed tape” isn’t your thing, you can always do a simple iTunes Gift Card or Gift music or videos for them.

For the Apple fan who has EVERYTHING already, why not a book? I recommend Cult of Mac’s book as well as iCon: Steve Jobs.


For the cook in you, maybe an Apple shaped apple pie? I’d be really curious to see how that turns out.

When In Doubt

T-shirts are always easy and make for great gifts. The Apple Collection offers a variety of OSX and Apple paraphernalia. Or check out these Apple inspired designs from Insanely Great Tees.

If you anyone has any further suggestions, feel free to comment them.

1 Comment

Debby "make a scrapbook" Woods

Is there anytime that is not a good time to get or give a apple gift? I mean if you are a apple person you will know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you that are not apple people you would have no way of understanding what this fanatical group is all about but for those of us that do understand then it all seems natural.

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