thePlatform (Rightfully) Brags about its Partners


thePlatform, a Seattle-based video publishing and distribution service owned by Comcast, is doing a big partner announcement tonight. Many of these are old deals, but thePlatform is right to call attention to the impressive library of partners it can offer to its customers. This includes new arrangements to support advertising from, content delivery from Cisco, and playback technology from Move Networks.

Noticeably absent from the list is Maven Networks, a previously named partner of thePlatform that is currently tied up in acquisition negotiations with Yahoo, which is currently tied up in acquisition negotiations of its own with Microsoft. Maven offers a product that is somewhat competitive to thePlatform, but they have collaborated for customers like Gannett in the past. A spokesperson for thePlatform would not comment on the exclusion, but noted that not all the company’s partners were included in the release.

Other thePlatform customers include the BBC, CNBC, Comcast, Vongo, and Hulu. Below the jump is the full list of partners:

Advertising & monetization:, BlackArrow, CSG Systems, DoubleClick, Lightningcast, Panache, PayPal, ScanScout, SpotXchange
Content delivery: Akamai, BitGravity, Cisco Systems, Edgecast Networks, GridNetworks, Highwinds, Internap, Limelight Networks, MediaMelon, OnStream Media
Playback experience: Apple, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Move Networks
Transcoding: Digital Rapids, On2, Rhozet, RipCode, Telestream
Content syndication: AT&T, Clearspring,, GoTV, iTunes Podcasts, MobiTV, MSN Video, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Yahoo, YouTube
Professional services: Ascertane, Cypress Consulting, Genex, Online Video Service, Schematic
Digital asset management: ClearStory Systems, North Plains Systems
Content protection: Microsoft, Widevine Technologies


Gerald Z

I like Comcast. Their CN8 internet television channel always works great with the WMP – high image resolution and no problem streaming. Comcast also provides streaming for ABCNewsNow – but for some reason they chose the RealPlayer (which sucks).

You can easily tune into both streams at

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