Opera Mobile 9.5 might have you browse on Windows Mobile again

Opera 9.5 got the official press release treatment this morning, touting a faster experience and new features. As I do with most press releases, I started snoozing about halfway through it. Lucky for you and me, the Opera folks included a video to show off the features I did (and didn’t) read about.After watching the video, I came away with the “Oh, it’s another Safari on iPhone imitator” thought. Then, I stepped back and had a “So what?” follow up thought. Hmm… the browser loads and renders fast, lets you zoom in precisely on content rather than on location, has a simple way to access menu options and more. Here’s the kicker: it does all of this on the Windows Mobile platform, among many others. If Opera wants to pattern their browser on what Apple created, I again say “So what?” At the moment, Opera 9.5 looks like it might actually get people to surf on their WinMo devices again. I remember those days… give the video a look and see what you think. We can debate the merits of original ideas later; instead, consider this as a Windows Mobile device owner.Opera 9.5 will get a first look at next week’s Mobile World Congress 2008.(via MoDaCo)


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