JoikuSpot turns your S60 device into a wireless hotspot

JoikuspotSeems like everyone wants to share that overpriced wireless broadband connection these days. In December, we saw WMWiFiRouter which turns your Windows Mobile device into a hotspot. Today, it’s time for the S60 devices to share the bandwidth thanks to JoikuSpot.IntoMobile gave the application a try and although it has a few initial shortcomings, it does show potential. In fact, some folks are already using JoikuSpot to enable 3G speeds on their Apple iPhone. The free app is still in beta but appears worth watching as it develops, especially if you have an S60 device that supports 3G wireless broadband. You can find the release notes and manual in a PDF format directly from JoikuSpot to get a better idea if it will work for you.


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