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iPhone & iPod Touch Get Storage Boosts

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iPhone & iPod Touch Get Storage Boosts The options for the iPod touch and iPhone got a little more diverse today, as Apple added a 32GB touch and a 16GB iPhone. Both retail for $499. The touch will ship in 1-2 business days and comes with free engraving, while either iPhone will ship in 1-3 business days.

So if you’ve been holding out on pulling the trigger on a new toy, now might be the time to pull out the old credit card and pony up the dough.

14 Responses to “iPhone & iPod Touch Get Storage Boosts”

  1. Apple should be ashamed of themselves! By not allowing customers to purchase or upgrade their existing 8g iphone to the 16g iphone is immoral, unethical, and insensitive!

    This is not good business! So many people bought the 8g iphone over the holidays. To purposely sell an iphone with twice as much memory at this time is appalling! If we knew about this a few months ago we would have held off and purchased the newer version for $100 more. I would have liked to know I had an option of waiting to spend more later, or spending less and only getting the 8g iphone.

    To treat existing customers this way is disgusting! Just out of principle, I and others may drop Apple and AT&T altogether! Apple should allow for customers to pay maybe $100-$200 for the new iphone. It is not just a few gigabyte difference, but it is twice as much. That is significant.

    Apple is telling me they care nothing for me, and obviously don’t care at all about my business with them! It is just not smart business on behalf of Apple!

    Remember, it takes only a foolish mistake to lose a customer forever. It shocks me management did not have enough checks and balances to catch this awful scheme before it happened

  2. Neither are available in the UK or Europe yet – I wonder why that is? I speculated over on my blog about this – they simply may be a delay in updating the UK store – or more seriously, we know that the phone hasn’t been selling as well in the UK and Europe as predicted – so they may be delaying the 16Gb model’s introduction here to allow inventory of the 8Gb model to clear down a bit. I hope that’s not the case.


  3. If they could’ve brought in the higher-capacity models at the same price as the current ones, and dropped the prices on those by $100, now that would’ve been something!