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MySpace Dev Platform Goes Live; Full Monetization For Developers

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Myspace Logo - MDP - BLUE4 (caps)MySpace, part of News Corp (NYSE: NWS). which pre-announced last week that it will announce its developer platform this week, is doing it this week: it is launching tomorrow. This will allow developers to develop more integrated apps for MySpace platform and its users, and will plug into the OpenSocial platform backed by Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and others. For now, developers have a month to develop and test their apps, and then will be rolled out to users in March.

Lots of technical jargon, but this sounds interesting: Caja is a javascript sanitizer being developed by Google with MySpace, to help make Javascript safer for use on sites like MySpace. The idea is to develop safe and at the same time rich apps. APIs will allow developers to everything on MySpace’s public profiles, but nothing more, the company said.

As for monetization, here’s the ground rules:
— Developers can monetize their canvas page (the page where usrs add these apps to their profiles) and keep all of the revenue
— Developers can use any form of online monetization: ads, sponsorships, product sales, etc.
— MySpace will add in its “HyperTargeting” and “SelfServe” ad products over time.

The developer platform is here. More pics on the platform here on my Flickr feed.

Will this be enough to for MySpace to get the developer community excited, and engage users in a bigger way? Well, Facebook and its coterie of developers have already done a lot of ground work on this, and all Fbook apps would probably be ported over to MySpace by those developers over time, so that helps.

Updated: WSJ: Chris DeWolfe says MySpace didn’t rush a platform for developers out the door because it felt it already offered many of the features being built for other social-networking platforms. But he also acknowledges the company mishandled its relationship with developers and is “dedicated to improving it,” he says.

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