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Tune into Super Tuesday via Online Video

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There will be plenty of video online for you political junkies tomorrow, Super Tuesday, from YouTube to the national networks, and The UpTake to Chris Crocker. OK, maybe Chris Crocker won’t be weighing in, but how funny would a teary plea to all the Hillary Clinton haters out there be? Especially after her own teary-eyed Yale homecoming hit the national news today. Somebody call David Cross and get the man some eyeshadow — that’s viral video gold.

Many of the networks are offering RSS feeds of their video updates, however, such as NBC’s Decision ’08 and ABC News Vote 08. Who will be streaming live? ABC is partnering with Move Networks to provide live streaming coverage from the Nightline team. The drug of choice for the hardcore addict, C-Span, will be streaming all four of their channels live as usual. And as points out, the ink-stained journos at the Washington Post will also be providing live video coverage all day.

Asterpix is asking people to upload their videos and then tag and link within the picture — perfect for you sartorialists critiquing the outfits. If you want to keep tabs on a particular candidate, I’d recommend RedLasso — just type in a keyword and get related clips from all the networks. Only problem is it’s still a closed beta.

Of course, campaigns will probably be posting appeals to their respective bases on their own YouTube channels. The YouChoose ’08 Super Tuesday page is a good place to watch for updates from candidates, as well as users and news organizations (since YouTube’s “Latest Added” search results often lag by a few hours).

In terms of community-generated content, citizen journalism, or whatever you like to call it, I’ve profiled two projects in the last few weeks — MTV’s think portal, which will feature two correspondents streaming live from each of the states holding primaries tomorrow, and the partnership between The UpTake and Next New Network’s Veracifier — streaming live via Mogulus and posting reports to YouTube, and other video-sharing sites. Today’s report came from Chuck Olsen, who featured Mike Huckabee supporters in Lynchburg, Tenn..

I enjoyed The UpTake’s coverage of the New Hampshire primary so much, I signed up to provide live video reports from San Francisco — I’ll be using EVDO instead of a news van, because the national networks just can’t handle me wearing a tie and interviewing Ron Paul supporters about their feelings toward the Federal Reserve bank.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the props for Bloggers should sign up for the Beta to get all the best access to killer video content. But this cool political tool is available to everyone. It is called the Redlasso Debate Tracker and it allows you to sort through all the debate videos by person, debate, or issue… and every video is embedable. Check it out and / or link to it:

    Thanks so much for the props!