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More People Tuning in to TV Online

Another week, and another stat has just been released showing that people are increasingly turning to the web to consume televised entertainment. The latest from Solutions Research Group claims that 80 million Americans (43 percent of its online population) have watched their favorite TV shows on the web, and that 20 percent watch TV on the web on a weekly basis.

These stats falls in line with earlier research from Deloitte & Touche that found 38 percent of consumers are watching TV online.

Other findings from the Solutions Research Group study indicate that 21 percent of all visits to major network sites were “to watch a specific show.” The shows listed as favorites to watch online — Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy and Dancing with the Stars — are no surprise. received the highest user experience score among the major network sites, followed by

One little nugget from today’s report, however, contradicts earlier research. Back in December, Palisades Media Group reported that less than half the people watching TV on their DVRs fast-forwarded through commercials. Fast-forward to today’s findings from Solutions, which says 65 percent of DVR users “always” skip commercials. Knowing the joys of DVR usage myself, the Solutions research definitely seems more realistic.

Solutions’ research is part of its quarterly “Digital Life America” tracking study. The company interviewed 1,150 Americans aged 12 and older back in November, which means the results shouldn’t be too skewed, since at that point the writers’ strike was just beginning and there were still shows on other than American Gladiators.

8 Responses to “More People Tuning in to TV Online”

  1. Internet television will really explode when PC’s can be watched on your TV. Sling Media’s “Slingcatcher” will do this for you, but who want’s to buy another box? Eventually PC’s will have this built in.

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  2. I personally started watching TV online, when I discovered I could get the most recent episodes of Dr Who online. BBC America and Sci-Fi channel were only showing episodes from a year or two earlier. That wasn’t worth my attention when I could watch the rest of the series on YouTube, Veoh, and other sites. So then I started looking for other TV shows I could watch online. The only things I watch on TV now are sports games, American Idol, and other live stuff.