Unboxed… The Really Skinny MacBook Air


Here are photos of my MacBook Air being unboxed in our offices over the weekend. Now the full review will come sometime later, but lets just say, it is as stunning as it looks and it is not as disappointing as I was dreading. More thoughts on that later.



It´s like a piece of paper with a laptop printed. It seems too fragile.


Tread lightly when making the switch. I tried Apple’s new Remote Disc feature to get software onto my MacBook Air and couldn’t get it to recognize the DVD drive on my PC (which works fine otherwise).

Apple supports response? Probably a problem with my PC and I’m SOL. Thanks Apple!


looks really light n real thin. awesome i.e.

waiting for your review. good to see you recovering well too. :)

Mr. butterfinger

the more they over charge!!!!! the more suckers they get?

Jonathan Fingas

At the main San Francisco Apple store, they sold out of their initial Air stock (Air Supply?) within minutes. Of course, this is the Bay Area, where an $1800 subnotebook isn’t outrageous and Macs are standard issue.


Looks awesome, may be good for some but not for the general mass population. Seems more like a luxury toy than of real usefulness to the user. Also please write about the MacBook Air sales, is it good or not so far?

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