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NWS: Murdoch Spells Out Value Of DJ Subscription Content, Boasts About Lower Dependence On Ad Market

In case anyone was holding on to the idea that News Corp (NYSE: NWS). chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch might pull back on his Davos comments that would be a hybrid model, time to give it up for good. Murdoch used today’s earning’s call to stress how very much he values Dow Jones’ subscription success. He mentioned the expanded free content like opinion and promised more (stories from personal finance, politics, and the business of life, as well as blogs and videos) but said “the bulk of the Journal’s core business coverage will remain behind the subscription wall.”

Murdoch, still selling the acquisition to his own shareholders, said he thought DJ had “boundless potential” before News Corp. bought it but he’s even “more excited by its prospects now.” The greatest growth opportunity: “strengthening DJ’s s online assets. … It