Intelius Drops Cellphone Directory Amid Proposed Controversy


Intelius said it is partially shutting down its cellphone directory as it faces federal and state legislation and a tongue lashing from Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ). The company said “in response to consumer feedback” people will no longer be able to search for people’s cellphone numbers by name. However, its reverse directory search — which allows people to search by cell-phone number to find the caller’s identity — will remain.

Besides doing right by consumers, Intelius is also eager to please right now to ensure its pending $144 million IPO goes off without a hitch. That might be difficult if both state and federal legislation is being proposed that would ban third-party cellphone directories that did not have permission from the subscribers to be listed. Verizon Wireless also said last week it was considering litigation against Intelius. “Stop it. This is a violation of Americans

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