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Bud’s “Rocky” Scores Online Knockout In AOL Ad Poll

In a turnaround from recent Super Bowls, last night’s event provided an exciting game and lackluster ads. Still, ad fans were quick to vote for their favorites online, and as of midnight EST, AOL (NYSE: TWX) streamed over 2.3 million Super Bowl spots, just two hours after the game ended for its 6th Annual online Super Sunday Ad Poll. Budweiser’s Rocky, which ran during the first quarter, came in first. That’s kind of fitting, since the spot was about a horse that receives training by a Dalmatian to become picked for the Budweiser Clydesdales – all to the score of “Rocky’s Theme.” AOL’s early top 10 is as follows:

1- Budweiser: “Rocky
2- Bridgestone: “Squirrel
3- Life Water: “Thriller
4- “SuperAd
5- Coca-Cola: “Balloons
6- E-Trade: “Baby
7- E-Trade: “Baby II
8- Pepsi: “Justin Timberlake
9- Doritos: “Mouse Trap
10- Planters: “Unibrow

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