Open Thread: Will You Keep Using MicroHoo?

The general reaction in the press so far to Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo! is that it’s practically a done deal – that the price is so high Yahoo’s management will have trouble turning down the offer, even if they want to. But for us, the important thing isn’t the press reaction, but the web worker reaction. And whatever you feel about the long, slow decline of Yahoo, many of you have a stronger reaction to Microsoft.

Yahoo touches web worker lives in many ways: we use the search and mail and groups. Beyond that, two prominent web worker darlings are Yahoo properties: Flickr and If the merger goes through, they’ll become Microsoft properties. Watching Twitter this morning, it’s clear that some of the louder voices on the web aren’t happy with this prospect; there’s already talk of voting with one’s feet by moving to competing services like SmugMug and ma.gnolia. But what’s your feeling? Will you keep using Flickr even if it becomes Microsoft Windows Live Photo Sharing? Are you already thinking about pulling the plug? Or are you in “wait and see” mode, hoping for the best from the combination?


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