Jungle Disk and Amazon S3 back up data for pennies a Gig

MacmonitorI’ve been literally “on the run” today so this was a planned day off. I too got a look a look at the MacBook Air as the King of Prussia Apple store had one and Barb & I were shopping at the mall. The verdict as it applies to me and my budget? I saved myself $1,800 by looking at it. Many folks will buy one and be understandably happy; I would not, as I don’t believe I’d receive $1,800 worth of benefit by complementing my current device stable with the MBA. That’s just my personal purchase decision; I’m not knocking the device from an objective standpoint as it’s an elegant design and quite an engineering feat.In any case, I thought to share a great an inexpensive backup solution while I’m in between appointments today. Cybernet pointed out Jungle Disk, which uses Amazon’s S3 web service and can be very cost effective. Why? Because with S3, you only pay for what you use. Storage is a lowly $0.15 per GB each month and the transfer costs can be even less per gigabyte. Jungle Disk works directly with Amazon’s S3 service; just drag and drop for mere pennies. You can schedule your backups in the background with Jungle Disk and if you’re a Windows Home Server user, you can pair that with Jungle Disk too.You can try Jungle Disk free for 30 days and if you like it for a backup interface, pay just $20 for the license. I’ve been struggling with Time Machine on my Mac because I hang a USB drive off of my AirPort Extreme. That solution has been a bit flaky and since Jungle Disk has a Mac version, I may give this a try for my data. Jungle Disk also offers a Linux version as well as a portable USB package too. Sounds like they’ve got everyone covered. OK, I’m officially offline again; my son is singing the National Anthem with his class at tonight’s Philadelphia Phantoms game!