How Green Are Your Gadgets?

greenergadgets.jpgWe all know our gadgets, by nature, aren’t green — most suck power, contain toxic chemicals, and often end up in landfills. But we’re trying to see the softer (cleaner?) side of newer consumer electronics that are designed to be more eco-friendly, and this morning we are in NYC at the first Greener Gadgets convention to check out some of the new devices.

The show will give us a chance to hear from the execs in charge of environmental issues for gear makers Nokia, H-P, Phillips, Dell and Sony. What are their recycling programs, and efforts to make their goods more sustainable? We’re interested in knowing how much they are actually spending on these initiatives, and ultimately if that’s enough. And for that matter, how does that figure compare to the amount they’re spending on green marketing?

Earth2Tech has also organized a panel to be held the afternoon of the show, on alternative sources of energy for mobile devices. We invited five companies that have graced our pages: kinetic power startup M2E Power, Hymini (wind, solar chargers), more efficient lithium ion battery company Boston Power, fuel cell company MTI, and solar charger makers Better Energy Systems (makers of Solio).

We’ve got a bunch of questions to start off the discussion with these companies, namely why we need alternative sources for our gadgets, but we wanted to ask you, dear readers, if you have any questions you think we should bring up in the discussion. Please submit them into the comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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