10 Responses to “Poll: Microsoft-Yahoo: Would It Be Able To Compete With Google?”

  1. Screw you all you Microsoft h8rz. Microsoft = Good, Apple = Piece of $h!t.
    Microsoft + Yahoo = Great!!!

    Microsoft gave us the gift of the X-box and X-box 360. plus don't forget Halo, Halo 2 And Halo 3. the countless hours of our lives wasted shooting things!! THATS THE AMERICAN DREAM RIGHT NOW PEOPLE!!!! GET WITH THE TIMES!!!!

  2. anonymous2

    I think Microsoft's money could be better spent on improving the products they already own. Vista still has some serious issues and is still not accepted by the masses. I like Yahoo as they are but admittedlly they do need to upgrade as they are not keeping up with technology. If Microsoft does get away with purchasing Yahoo it will just be another product that Microsoft conquered; I doubt if they will do much with it. And sadly, that will be one less free service available for the common user.

  3. It is just horrible! I like Yahoo, I dislike Micro-Borg. Yahoo tries to help people, Micro-Borg tries to exploit people. Micro-Borg is the "Evil Empire" of capitalism, perverting all that is good in that kind of economy. It has us all brainwashed to accept the mediocre. It dosen't show us new products (X-box, Vista) it literally crames them down our throats, manipulating us instead of offering us choices… What we need is a good consummer's revolt against this Mega-black hole of our way of (past) life.
    Phew! I do go on!!!

  4. anonymous

    From what I have read, the cultures of Microsoft and Yahoo are so significantly different that if Microsoft consumes Yahoo, the best Yahoo employees will leave. Microsoft I think will also want to run Yahoo exclusively using their own technology, further alienating the remaining Yahoo employees. Furthermore, Microsoft will eliminate redundancy between the companies, further hurting moral at Microsoft and Yahoo.

    Combine this with the intense scrutiny of the SEC, and Yahoo's business will flounder. So, any such acquisition will require Microsoft to win the "hearts and minds" (and wallets) of Yahoo's current business partners for the long term. How likely is that? If Google plays its cards right, not very.

  5. i forgot something….back when DOS was King and pc's didn't crash, i remember reading the big pc catalog. it had an article about the new windows…3.0, i think. it said, and i quote.."Windows wants to be a god and control all of your computer." when i read that, i said no way, but of course i wanted to play solitaire, so i eventually gave in and got it. at least i could manage my own ram, and had control over my pc. that's been gone now, for years. no Microsoft, you aren't, nor will you ever be a god…just a false one.
    i hope the real God busts you! and that's scarey, so quit making customers mad by ^&*$#%$#@ them.

  6. microsoft is nothing but a bunch of greedy self-serving morons. they're like the dog with the bone in his mouth walking over a little bridge. he see's his reflection in the water…a dog with a bone in his mouth..he WANTS it too..so he jumps in, loses his own bone, and in the end has nothing. Microsoft, i'm sick of you using us as guinnie pigs. i hope you lose everything! and stay the heck away from our Flickr, or then, i will seriously bash you till your hard drive crashes. have a crummy day k. ;) you greedy pigs…!

  7. I think for Microsoft should admit its own failure that they are unable to run a search engine themselves, back in the days, there was no yahoo nor google. They have the money and the team but not smart enough to make the search engine worth compete with. It's a habit for Microsoft to steal technology and good ideas from others. Shame on them. Therefore, the name would be MicroThieve

  8. I think after micro-hog gobbles up Yahoo, that most of us long timers will go to Google, and that will certainly give Google a lot more folks than they have now, and the same type of fools that are OK with MSN, will be the Micro-hog customer base. Google should really benifit from micro-hogs over ambition greedy ideas about taking over everything. I remember when MS-DOS first came out. If I could have only realized how they would become big-brother, big-screwer of any competition, I would have found a way to make my atari be my PC. Oh yea I just love the way they got folks to the point now that many are finding ways away from their OS.. Mr. Gate's greed and desire to be big-brother will eventully screw him, like having a parent that you can not wait to leave home from.

  9. contrary to divide and conquer, the pairing of yahoo and microsoft will eventually have some impact on google.How big the impact would be depends on the acceptance of the users of whatever they,microhoo would come up with.