NYTimes.com Mobile Traffic Up 600 Percent In 2007


A little nugget from today’s New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) Q407 earnings call: This year’s mobile push grew mobile traffic 600 percent to almost 10 million monthly page views. The company also said it now has a “roster of blue-chip advertisers” for mobile.



I agree with Mocorocker, Having 10M/mo for Nytime is just pinuts for them.equal low lever company have 70% of traffic of nytime.
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Yes, again, I would love to have the $2-3M for myself, no question :)

But I will insist that 10M/mo is nothing to be proud about for a company like NYT.com – unless we are in 2005.

Many 1) 'no name' 2) smaller and 3) off deck publishers have several times that much traffic. Now, NYT.com has a brand, great content and acceptable carrier placement and still they can't outperform these other guys?

That was my only point.


Staci D. Kramer

$3 million here, $3 million there and soon you're talking real money. Seriously, you're right about how the growth is easy to achieve in those circumstances and certainly unattainable on a regular basis, it's the kind of boost you can get at the beginning. But it does have potential for NYT.


Not to rain on anyone's parade but putting things in perspective:

a) 600% growth is easy to achieve if the previous year your WAP site was pretty much non existent (I think it was only on 'VZW Today').

b) 10M/mo page views is close to nothing. It means, best case scenario, some $0.5M in revenue. Taking average unsold inventory and declining WAP CPM's this can be easily cut into half if not more (oh, and subtract to that carriers' share and unusable pages).

So, basically what we are looking at here is a $2-3M/ per YEAR business.

Of course I would love to have $3M for myself, but is this 'great' news for a company such as NYT.com? What can smaller publishers expect?


Isaac Babbs

This is great!! The mobile web or the WAP is truly happening. This site is great because it built and run with mobile users in mind. I wonder how many uniques they are getting a month or sessions? Also, it would be interesting to know what the usatoday and espn mobile numbers are too. Moconews please ask them for these numbers.

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