YouTube Update: Majority of Traffic is International


Silicon Alley Insider has notes from a speech by David Eun, Google VP of content partnerships, at the SIIA Information Industry Summit in New York. My comments in parentheses.

– Most traffic to YouTube comes from outside the U.S.; there are now 19 localized versions of the site.
– 60 percent of Google’s videos are watched every day
– There are ten hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (wow — the last number we heard was eight in November; that would be a huge jump but hard to compare apples to apples when you take your stats from remarks at conferences); hundreds of millions of videos are watched daily.
– The iPhone is a “huge source” of YouTube traffic (this is contrary to what Marissa Mayer told us in September).

According to comScore, Google sites had 31.3 percent of videos viewed and 41.8 percent of video viewers in November, but that’s just in the United States.


Martin Chartrand

Most people outside the US are pretty well clueless.
Here if you wan’t to see something worth watching
you browse to a specialty netcaster.

At the end of the day content creators will
own the internet!

Not the widget makers & the likes!
The internet run’s on content
not containers.

I my case would be candidates are
allready trickling in (whitout stale media adverts)!

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Presently, I’m in San Diego.

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Charles Iliya Krempeaux

The high percentage of international traffic is believable.

I used to be the Principal Software Engineer at an ad network… and… I won’t name names for obvious reasons… but I know a number of the big portals have similar high percentages of international traffic. (I.e., >50%)

The problem for them was that these were in countries were they couldn’t “monetize” the traffic. (I hate that word BTW… “monetize”… but anyways….)

Of course, that’s only a problem if you are trying to make a living of this stuff.

— Charles

Frank Sinton

I’m not surprised by the iPhone usage. Mefeedia actually gets more users on the PSP, but then again we don’t have a button on the iPhone!

Also, the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii are close behind the iPhone. I wonder if YouTube is seeing this as well?


I think it may be initial curiosity than actual regular usage. I’ve only watched a handful of videos on my iPhone, and the other times were me showing off the phones abilities to people, which I’m sure every iPhone owner does.

So are they looking at us silly Americans? Or the videos served internationally are specific to their regions?

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