YouTube Update: Majority of Traffic is International

Silicon Alley Insider has notes from a speech by David Eun, Google VP of content partnerships, at the SIIA Information Industry Summit in New York. My comments in parentheses.

– Most traffic to YouTube comes from outside the U.S.; there are now 19 localized versions of the site.
– 60 percent of Google’s videos are watched every day
– There are ten hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (wow — the last number we heard was eight in November; that would be a huge jump but hard to compare apples to apples when you take your stats from remarks at conferences); hundreds of millions of videos are watched daily.
– The iPhone is a “huge source” of YouTube traffic (this is contrary to what Marissa Mayer told us in September).

According to comScore, Google sites had 31.3 percent of videos viewed and 41.8 percent of video viewers in November, but that’s just in the United States.

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