Kingston adds 16 GB Class 4 SDHC card to the family


Sdhc4_16gKingston just boosted the capacity of their SDHC card family by doubling the storage over their 8GB SD memory card. MSRP is $231 for the Class 4 card, which is capable of moving data at a minimum of 4-Megabytes per second. Of course, you’ll need an SDHC-compatible slot on your device to use one of these 16 GB cards. Since I’m not buying an Eye-Fi card for my camera just yet, I’ll have to check if it can take an SDHC card or not. I’m certain my Asus Eee PC could benefit from this card though… hmm…



With the price of the 8gb being so little and the the sd format so small. You could buy 2 or 3 of the 8GB and put music on one and photos on another. Load up a full DVD Vob and have a great portable movie player. The Resolution of the eee pc is 800×480 and the Resolution of a DVD movie is 720×480 I think it would be great for the back seat of a airplane tray.


Joshua A. Hall

matthew bennett

Is this news worthy? I was just looking for an extra Class 6 SDHC for my EEEpc, and Newegg has a Patriot 16GB Class 6 card for $94.99.

According to this website, the Patriot class 6 cards are twice as fast as the Kingston class 6 cards.

I wound up ordering the Patriot 8GB Class6, cause it’s big enough and should be almost as fast as the internal SSD storage.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, as far as I know the Class is determined by the minimum transfer speed the card is capable of. Class 4 is a 4 MBps min, Class 6 is a faster 6 MBps min, etc… The cards themselves are physically the same to the best of my knowledge.


I may be mistaken, but it seems SD cards are progressing more quickly than SSD’s. As per JK’s post earlier this week, the 64Gb SSDs OEMs are just becoming available. Given the larger form factor, should SSD capacity be further along by now?


IIRC a lot of the newer DSLRs support SDHC, and at the very least Canon’s more recent Powershots support SDHC, too. Casio cameras that were introduced in 2007 definitely support SDHC; not sure about 2006 models.

Mike Cane

Have most digital still cameras been upgraded to accept a card like this? I’d hate to buy a cam and then find out I’m stuck with the upper limit of SD or lower limit of SDHC.


I have been looking at these cards. They are already at 32GB capacity. I Was browsing newwegg. The 4 & 8 Gb are really cheap. With alot of the video Camcorders using this format to record in high definition with the h.264/AVC codec & also the new DSLR caneras are using this as storage I think higher and cheaper capacity card with be flooding the market.


Joshua A. Hall


Try it in your Eee, and if it works, I’ll get one for mine. ;) That way, I won’t make a $$$ mistake.

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