Everex will supply Windows XP drivers for CloudBook


Everex_cloudbook_ce1200vIncluding Windows XP drivers with the Asus Eee PC has been a big hit, so I’m not completely surprised that Everex will be following suit. CloudBooker has confirmation from Paul Kim, the Director of Marketing at Everex, that XP drivers will be available at Everex.com for download. The CloudBook is probably better suited to run Windows XP than the 4G Eee simply because it has almost eight times the on-board storage capacity: 30 GB vs. 4 GB. However, you can easily run a full installation of XP on the Eee and have 1.5 GB of storage left; more if you slim down your XP installation with nLite.The CloudBook release date still appears a little foggy. The original January 25th date brought us news of a delay to the end of February even though other sources indicated February 15th. All signs still point to the end of February, apparently due to changes in the gOS Rocket operating system. The gOS home page indicates that Rocket is still in beta, so I’m still leery of the dates we have. We met with Paul Kim from Everex earlier this month, so I’ll dig out his business card and see if I can find any additional details.(via UltraMobileLife)


Mike Cane

Make that call. They changed the damned date *twice* on their site yesterday. It’d be a Real Good Thing if they posted a link on that splash page to some sort of OFFICIAL STATEMENT instead of making us wonder if their webmaster is on drugs or something.


I am still waiting to hear about a vendor making a sub $500 umpc tablet with a 1024 width screen.


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