Re-map keys in XP or Vista with SharpKeys


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I was going to say, this type of thing is EASY to do on Linux. I have done it myself when the Windows key was added many years ago. It initially wouldn’t do anything, but I mapped it to something else at the time. Damned if I can remember what I mapped it too.


tums: In Windows you can just add any keyboard language you want through the control panel. That way you’ll be able to enter Scandinavian characters (although you’ll have to memorize the new layout).


By the way, with the default linux install, you can use this hack to remap the keys:

In addition to moving the shift key over, it puts the up/down arrow keys on top of each other, and the left/right keys beside each other. Although that is moving more keys, it makes more sense aesthetically.


I´m going to sneak in a question here, if anyone doesn´t mind?
I need to use this app to remap some keys so I can get nordic characters on my OQO model 02. It´s bought in the US, and has a custom OQO keymap. Anyone know how I can get nordic characters “into the system” in the first place, and then map them with sharpkeyes?


Hi kevin,

While you’re at it why don’t you swap the Down and right arrow keys…

I had a computer in the 80’s that had that cursor key arrangement.

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