Re-map keys in XP or Vista with SharpKeys

AsuseeepckeysAfter all of my raving about the Asus Eee PC, it’s only fair to rant about my biggest gripe: the placement of the right-side Shift key. I could rag on the size of it too, but as we say in the world of mobile tech, life is full of compromises. Anyway, I was counting how many times I hit the up arrow key instead of the Shift key. I lost track somewhere around 847… or was it 848?I’ll be prying off both keys to give them the flip-flop and since I’m currently running Windows XP on the Eee, I figured I’ll have to some digging in the registry for the keys to work correctly in their new homes. Or… I could just use SharpKeys, a free key-mapping application for Windows XP and Vista. SharpKeys provides a simple GUI and does the heavy lifting on the registry for you.Sharpkeys(via How-To Geek)Update: All iS RiGhT WiTh ThE WoRlD AGAin. Oops… I got carried away now that I’m hitting the right button… carry on.Asuseeepckeysswapped


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