Find lost objects with Loc8tor Lite


96Can’t find those keys you just had in your hand? How about that billfold you swear was on your dresser? You might be interested in Loc8tor Lite to help you find lost objects. For just under $80, you’ll get a small handheld unit and two locator tags that you can attach to things around the house. The main unit supports up to four tags and offers up audio and visual clues on if you’re getting closer or further from your tagged items. Range is pretty good too: in a best-case situation with a good line-of-sight signal, the Loc8tor Lite works up to 400-feet.Each locator tag is reasonably small: just 30.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 mm and only 5 grams in weight. Of course, if you lose the handheld finder, you’re SOL. Maybe you could attach a locator tag to it and… hey… wait a second.



I’ve been looking at these types of gadgets for years. But usually they’ve been at a $50 price point, and I’ve been waiting for them to drop to about $30. This $80 one might have better range, but I’m just not going to shell out that kind of cash to find my keys. I always find them eventually anyway… (yes, I realize it’s a jinx to say that)


What happens if you loose the main locator unit?

My son could really do with one – but I know he would loose the main units first…



Travis Carnahan

Tell them that they should put a recessed button (like the “set” button on a watch in the locator tags that reverses the process.

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