Mobile Entertainment Forum Releases Draft Code For US Participation TV


The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) has released its draft code for participation TV offerings in the United States. It predicts an increase in these types of shows due to the writers’ strike, and — considering the scandals that have occured around the world — figures it’s a good time for a code of conduct. The code sets out which companies have responsibility for different aspects of the promotion and requires people to be warned when they spend more than $20 a month on a service. The code also has truth-in-billing provisions, so the charges are clear on a persons phone bill. Other provisions include:
–The correct cost message is aired
–The closing date and time is clearly stated
–A fair selection of winners from all valid entry methods
–Winners are not chosen BEFORE the competition closes
–An adequate prize winner management process is in place to ensure fairness and transparency
Here is the PDF of the draft code. (release)

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