FountainHead Springs Cheap Knockoffs

Online video is just television on the cheap, right? We’ll do our own hair, makeup, and craft services, thank you very much! OK, maybe a little too cynical, but now just imagine online video (a.k.a. TV on the cheap) on the cheap. Silicon Alley Insider points us to FountainHead Studios, which launched five new web series today at the AlwaysOn conference.

Writes SAI,

“we checked out one of their shows, We were temporarily confused, because it looked a lot like Wallstrip, our favorite CBS-owned Wall Street video show. Then we watched some more, and we figured out the difference: Wallstrip is smart and watchable.”

Stock Rockets is a ripoff, no doubt. Pretty girl + green screen + clip art + ironic eyebrow arch + theme of stocks at new highs. No, it’s not patentable. One thing Wallstrip doesn’t have is a host named Barbie Hargrave.

Also in the gang are a tamer cousin of Wine Library TV (that would be Must Love Wine) and a glammed-up Ctrl+Alt+Chicken
(known as Plus two horoscopes shows, one in English and one in Spanish! But hey, everything’s derivative. Until the rest of y’all try something besides girl + camera + news, these guys aren’t all that bad by comparison.