Toshiba M700 Tablet PC gets unboxed and reviewed

Toshiba_portege_m700Matt Faulkner unboxed the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC over the weekend at GottaBeMobile with live video; that’s now followed up with a user review of the device by GoodThings2Life, a frequent commenter here. Here’s the summary to whet your whistle:

“In conclusion, the hardware is absolutely fantastic. Although the default software experience leaves a lot to be desired, it can be very easily remedied, at which time the M700 is by far one of the best tablets I’ve used. When I was setting mine up, I had the same joy– the “WOW” experience I had when I bought my first Tablet PC, the Toshiba Satellite R10.”

To better understand these thoughts, you’ll want to read through the entire set of impressions. Folks who own an M400 will be happy to know that the slice battery for that device also fits the M700, so if you sell the M400, be sure to keep that slice!