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magicJack: coolest home VoIP gadget PC Mag has ever seen

MajicjackWe gave the $40 magicJack a brief shout-out last March, but I haven’t seen any reviews of the device up to now. PC Mag gave the little USB gadget a run-through and it appears to have passed with flying colors, earning a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The majicJack USB dongle plugs into a PC and offers an RJ-11, or standard phone jack. Service can be had for just $20 a year, which is quite reasonable. As a SkypeOut user, I’m curious how that price compares to my per-minute Skype plan, but I’m sure that varies on quantity and location of calls. My take: $20 is probably a steal.Configuration seems pretty simple and the service does support Emergency 911 calls, based on the location info you’ve provided. I suspect that if you’re using this on the road, the e911 service won’t be accurate but at least you can “take” your home phone with you. majicJack is PC-only for now, although Mac users should have support soon. Of course the most important aspect is voice-quality… according to the review, it’s “amazing… almost too good to be true.”

6 Responses to “magicJack: coolest home VoIP gadget PC Mag has ever seen”

  1. Scotty

    Well, I have one problem with the magicJack that I can’t seem to unsnarl…

    Snarl!!! Vista and it’s blankety-blank DEP (Data Execution Protection) refuses to allow me to use this device at all.

    Anyone have a cure for Vista yet??

    (Having a laptop set up next to my PC so I can make calls is just wrong…)

  2. I have used a MagicJack device for about six months and am extremely pleased. It does exactly what it promises, and does it well. We are all used to technology device hypes that promise more than they deliver. MagicJack is not in that category. I hope the MJ business model is as sound as the product, because I would like to be able to rely on MJ into the future. I’m looking forward to the ability to call international numbers with the MJ (beyond MJ users).

  3. Kari Hernandez

    I handle PR for magicJack and just wanted to let everyone know that magicJack now works with Mac. This announcement was made earlier this month at CES. Also, the 911 feature allows you to input additional addresses and easily switch between them when you’re using the magicJack at different locations. Thanks!

  4. I just got the Philips Skype dual line phone, it uses my existing line and skype all in one handset, previously I was just using a headset but this is much better.

    The calls seem clearer to folks I’ve called, dunno why.

    for the road I still take my headset but have been looking at the hendsets that are small, etc.

  5. I purchased one about 2 months ago. I use it on my home desktop. Works perfectly. Great solution for an extra line. I still use Skype put, but really do not need it. For the price of both (so cheap) why not keep them. I use skype on the road with a headset. I don’t feel like carrying an extra phone in case a hotel phone doesnt work with Magic Jack. The nice thing about MJ in house is you can use a multiple phone wireless sytem and in minutes you have a second line throughout your house for $20 per year.