DEMO 2008: KonoLive – Next Generation Web Worker Collaboration


Online collaboration makes the Web Worker world go around, but for most web workers, that means patching together a spiderweb of emailed Microsoft documents, IM mentions of web sites to see and even vague pointers to where to look in that YouTube video for the moment the CEO gets the coffeecup in the pants.

KonoLive, an Israeli startup getting its coveted six minutes of fame at the DEMO conference today, offers Windows-based web workers a comprehensive collaboration/communication environment supporting not only collaborative activities focusing on Microsoft Office Documents, but any desktop or web application.

Five standout features make KonoLive worth trying to get into their private beta:

  • Support for asynchronous collaboration, with one-click comment review and digital signatures,
  • A KonoLive user can go offline with the current state of the activities they are sharing, then next time they connect get resynchronized.
  • Integrated VOIP support as well as IM Chatting,
  • The ability for various collaborators see all the parts of a shared Activity and be notified as changes are made and their attention is needed.
  • The ability of a KonoLive collaborator to work with not just documents, but web applications and sites and video to annotate what others in the online group should pay attention to.

According to Yossi Dan, CEO of KonoLive, the new collaboration/communication service will be working through a private beta thism month, then a public beta with a free base/guest version and a premium version in a couple of months.


Yossi Dan (CEO of KonoLive's company)

Hello WebWorker community – you get here from Bob a great coverage of KonoLive; which we will be shown for the first time…. tomorrow afternoon at DEMO’08! What I can tell you is that we don’t imagine such a great collaboration product without giving also to Mac users the ability to contribute. We are looking at it already and since we are based on Adobe AIR, that does not seem to far away… Don’t hesitate to register to the beta program at and all your inputs will help us bringing the best product around :-)

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Yes, Grant, I came to leave the same type of comment – good news for all those Windows-based web workers out there! No, I’m sure there are a lot of them, right?

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