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Friday Vid Picks: Sundance

Someday NewTeeVee is going on an all-expenses-paid trip to Sundance, mark my words. Until then, we’ll have to watch the action from the sidelines like we did last year. Granted, it’s a lot warmer here at home than it is in Utah, and downloading short films without having showered is a lot better than sitting next to your celeb crush at a screening without having showered, even if the frotage potential is greatly reduced.According to my friends’ reports, the lounges and cafes around Park City have been packed cheek-to-jowl all week, but there’s still room for the little guy — like Erik Beck and the IndyMogul team, who managed to get out from under the snow long enough to interview Moby about music you can use for free in your video productions, which is a great resource for you vloggers tired of the loops in GarageBand.

Speaking of celebrity crushes, I’ve been carrying a torch for Isabella Rosselini for, oh, ever. Here she talks with the Sundance Channel’s Faith Salie about her project Green Porno (which is safe for work, but still kinda deliciously dirty). Of particular interest is to hear Rossellini, daughter of filmmaking pioneer Roberto Rossellini, describe web and mobile as “the third screen.” Hadn’t heard that one before, but from now on I’m going to be dropping it in the film-snobbiest way possible whenever I get a chance.

Sure, you can catch Rhett and Link interviewing Lil’ Jon (What? OK). Or a diary from Kate and Leisha of the L Word‘s Ourchart. Or a report from Variety’s “Top Ten Directors to Watch” party. But I have to hand it to the boys from the documentary team at Hobosoul Productions — they managed to combine fire, ice and Crisco, while sledding, in a clip that captures the YouTube sensibility just about perfectly.

4 Responses to “Friday Vid Picks: Sundance”

  1. “…YouTube sensibility…” That’s it…finally somebody put it into words. I would spend on average of about 4-5 min trying to explain it, and you just gave all those lost minutes back to me. Thank you…

  2. Jackson – You best work on your sales copy-writing as this was not a compelling case to get that all expenses paid trip lined up for next year. :-)

    Meanwhile, way to go for Erik and the Moby interview.

    And thanks for expanding my vocabulary, re: frotage. Such a friday treat.

  3. on isabella’s third screen quote:
    as much as i love the work of IR she is behind the times, and slightly off track on this one.

    Web and mobile are different screens. There’s a festival in Paris called ‘4 ecrans’ — 4 screens — that are already on the case with this one… and can count.