Federation Against Software Theft Warns ISPs; Piracy Down In France


More grief for ISPs. This time, it’s coming from The Federation Against Software Theft (The Federation) which has warned ISPs to get it together, echoing Intellectual Property minister Lord Triesman’s urging that they need to sort out a voluntary scheme with the music and film industries by the summer, or run the risk of the government stepping in with legislation that could force ISPs to disconnect illegal file-sharers.

The Federation



If this law comes to england it will be another blow against civil liberties, especially if a government body is put in place to monitor our internet use. Once a system is in place you cannot rule out GCHQ getting hold of that information.

We already live in a big brother state and it is getting worse.

>electoral role to see where we live
>income tax records for details on our work and earnings
>We are monitored by CCTV more than any other country.
>Number plates on our cars are automatically read.
>In car Satelite navigation is used to know where we travel by car.
>Mobile phones are used to know where we walk.
>Biometric pasports to know where we travel to.
>National staff & patient database for the NHS making our health records more easily available
>Since Microsoft Internet Explorer automatically updated to version 7 my firewall told me that it wants to monitor user activities on my computer, like keystrokes etc.. there may be little to worry about in this but i decided to say No anyway which has meant IE7 has become very limited by my firewall. could this collected data have been used to send info to microsoft or hacked into to send this info elsewhere. Windows media player seems to alert my firewall in the same way.. surely these two pieces of software can cope without needing to moniter my activities.. IE6 and the old WMP certainly could. There are talks of many security issue with MS Vista, why are there so many security issues with MS software that seem to allow hackers entry to your PC at will, i think there is a reason it has not been made totally secure, so that government agencies can access your PC if needed. MS Windows now checks for the authenticity of itself and wont allow you to download updates unless its ok. At one point MS wanted to check for illegal software on your PC sending info to microsoft, but isnt that just collecting more and more info on people by logging all the software that they have legal or not… What about the future.. there is talk of placing RFID style or similar chips into all items for sale. Imagine if they logged all the details on exactly what you have bought on a central government computer.. with government scanners in every home to log everything that goes in and out.
>ID cards to gain further information on us, ideally i think the governments would like facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, DNA and more (do you trust them with your DNA?).. there is talk that people on CCTV footage could be identified through facial recognition and by a new system that logs how we walk.
>Having an implanted RFID chip has been talked of in some countries, to hold much information on us and even to be used as a debit/credit card that could eventually replace money. so they would know when & where we shop, even to clock in and out of work. This could be ported to internet shopping to, all going through a central database run by the government. There was talk in the US that health care companies/hospitals would introduce the RFID chip as a mandatory for all who want health care from them, no chip no cover. Also its been talked about the mandatory chipping of prisoners. with electronics so small these days how long until they have a GPS implant, perhaps they already do.
>Countries are joining together to have common laws and government so that eventually it will be impossible to escape those laws if they become too draconian and harsh, the New World Order is coming and it may seem nice at the moment but once all countries have joined up, they will have no legal right to escape, then the world laws can be changed by a very small group of people in order to gain further control of the populace..

Already the government monitors our mobile phone calls, text messages, and maybe emails, i know that emails between america and england are monitored, what else. I wonder how much illegal bugging the govenrment agencies is involved in that does not go through the courts… of bugging our land line phones or hacking into our computers to place things like keyloggers, or hacking into other computers that hold information about us, some information they only have to request.

Didnt google tell the U.S. government that they cannot have details on IP addresses and what people have seacrhed for on the web… google won that ruling to my knowledge.. Possibly other search engines may provide data to the governments? isnt monitoring our ISP's just another way of getting that basic information and a whole lot more.

We can only assume the governments have collected substantial data from their monitoring of us and hold secret files on all of us.

in the news just recently, the police/government agencies have monitored calls from prison between prisoners and their lawyers. No matter what the person has been accussed of doing this should never happen as the information gained can be used against them in a court to convict a person that they would not normally have been able to. would you want the opposing legal team in your court case to know everything about your defence and everything else you told your lawyer in confidence.

Therefore can we trust the government to just watch our internet use for illegal downloading of music, movies, software. Or will they abuse the position to keep tabs on all of our online activities and pigeon hole us into certain categories according to our online life as they likely already do with monitoring our mobile phone calls & texts. Most people post on forums online anonymously and understand that their privacy is protected, how many would excercise freedom of speach if they knew they were being monitored by the government. would people want to criticise the governments if they knew they were being watched and seen as a potential anarchist, that if it ever came to mass anarchy they would automatically be seen as an enemy of the state. Pigeon holes could be anything like, Potential terrorist, anarchist, raver/goth, drug taker, religious, spiritualist, mage, gay, sexual deviant, homophopic, racist, hooligan, drunk, womaniser, into guns, loves blood & guts, death, loves war, discusses programming viruses, hacking, J walking. they could even pigeon hole your personality. Imagine if you had a policeman hovering over you 24 hours a day, there would be a lot left unsaid?, and youd be more careful with your words.. instead of saying what you want to say, do we really want the internet to become like this, so apart from real life.

and lets hope that the government does not seek to prosecute us for our online words, or set in motion an investigation into us. like it or not illegal subjects are discussed online all be it anonymously. are the police going to arrest a person who said online that they attended an illegal party or took drugs. at the least it may mean the police seek to further monitor the individual.

Do you want to give them the opportunity to read all of your personal emails which would probably happen if they are allowed to monitor our internet use. is that not a serious breach of our privacy.. lets hope the technology does not come along to read our brainwaves and thoughts, it would be stupid to think the governments would not seek to use that. With smaller and smaller electronics and nanotechnology just around the corner one day they will have a bug in every room or every house and even in public places, nowhere will be safe.. but until then we can do our bit to stop this where we can.

They are talking about sharing information between ISP's so that if you are banned from one then you are banned from all. I think it is a very serious step to deprive someone of the internet for life, it is a wealth of information & learning.

What about people whose computer is hacked, lets say by a pro who leaves no trace except 3 downloads of an illegal nature.. is that your three strikes and youre out. Without specific monitoring software on your PC can you even prove that you were hacked… a good hacker could likely disable that anyway or even delete it. I have been hacked a number of times, with messages that there are other users still logged onto my PC when i want to shutdown and thats just the ones that ive luckily noticed. Other times desktop items have been moved around to let me know someone has been there. Even the best of software cannot fully protect against hackers who usually use viruses/trojans or the like to gain access anyway. Anti Virus software is far from foolproof, some is appalling, also some firewalls are better than others, the standard MS one is useless. Some viruses/trojans open your system up to attack, more than it normally would be, then send details to a PC somewhere to tell the hackers they have a free way in, this has happenned to me.

Then there is the discussion of people who have wireless networks without a password so anyone nearby can log into it and use your internet connection. should these people be banned from having the internet as it may not be them who downloaded the illegal files. what about hotels and internet cafes etc, would they be banned from having the internet in such cases… even if they do have a password that is handed out is there a way to tell which person downloaded what?

Some people will no doubt use anonymous Proxy Servers to download files though these can be slow. would there be a way to police that?

i would think more people will use encryption too when sharing files over the internet P2P, new software will probably appear to enable this.

Is the global music & movie industry really in so much trouble that they need peoples internet to be monitored and breach their human rights of privacy. I think they are just beeing greedy.

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