EU Watchers Predict GoogleClick Approval

Despite talk of an expanded probe, the EU isn’t likely to block Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick, according to some observers. In November, anti-trust officials stated that an initial investigation raised concerns over competition in the online ad market and that the commission had until April 2 to make a decision. The key evidence in favor of approval, according to one lawyer quoted by Reuters, is the lack of an official “statement of objections”, which likely would have been sent to Google by now, if the EU was on the path towards non-approval. Without this letter, the layer argues, the time isn’t there to complete the process by the deadline. Observers also note that for the past six years, the EU has yet to reject a deal that won US approval, as is the case with Google-DoubleClick.


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