Eisner's Latest: A Vuguru-Putnam Production Of Robin Cook's Upcoming Thriller: Report


Michael Eisner’s Vuguru and publisher G.P. Putnam are tying up for a deal breathlessly reported by the NY Post as a “first-of-its-kind collaboration.” Vuguru, partnering with Cyber Group Animation and Big Fantastic, will create 50 two-minute webisodes to serve as a prequel to Robin Cook’s upcoming thriller Foreign Body.
The NYP says the episodes will debut May 27, with a new ad-supported webisode airing every Monday through Friday for 10 weeks leading to an Aug. 4 finale. The book goes on sale the next day — with, Putnam hopes, an audience already hooked on the characters. The concept was Eisner’s idea, cropping up during a dinner with Cook. He also has the audio and video rights — not clear if that’s Eisner personally or Vuguru. This follows Vuguru’s Prom Queen.

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