Vudu in Deep Doo-Doo


Online movie service Vudu is slashing $100 off the price of its set-top box, just a week after Steve Jobs showed off the revamped Apple TV. And while the company will undoubtedly shout a Python-esque “We’re not dead yet!” dramatic price cuts of the company’s core product don’t bode well for its future.

Vudu had always faced an uphill battle. First, the service requires you to buy yet another set-top box, and that box will set you back $295 — $60 more than the $229 Apple TV. Second, would you prefer to buy your hardware from an unknown startup or from a company that you know will be around next year?

Finally, high-profile competitors like Apple, Netflix and Amazon are all vying for your direct movie download dollar. With their deep pockets and brand recognition, Vudu had better start working some serious voodoo if it wants to stick around.


Chris Albrecht

Well, I don’t own Apple stock (or any individual stocks for that matter).

You’re right about the basic specs, but the Apple TV also lets you watch YouTube videos and podcasts. And Apple looks like its going to outpace Vudu as far as HD content. And Apple TVs aren’t sold in mall kiosks like sunglasses.


You must have Apple stock to be so biased…

The $229 AppleTV has a 40GB HDD. They are charging $329 for the 160GB Apple TV. The VUDU has a 250GB for $295. Now, based on VUDU’s tech I’m sure that’s not all available for purchases, but I’m sure neither is Apple’s box.

Come on, compare “apples to apples” man!

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