The GigaOM Show: TechCrunch's Heather Harde


Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, stopped by the “The GigaOM Show” this week to chat with co-host Joyce Kim and myself about The Crunchies, working for a blog, and her thoughts on the mergers and acquisitions market.

You can download the episode in Quicktime, Windows Media and Xvid formats.



Seriously this episode is cursed, none of the links to download it work.

Even the link in the comments stopped working at 51% downloaded.

I want my GigaOm show! You guys reading this? Can some please fix it?

Thank you

Your faithful reader / audience memeber


Weren’t we able to download these episodes as MOV before? Bring ’em back! Great shows. Keep it up.


This player doesn’t continue to buffer when the window loses focus. There is no download option. I doubt very much you can watch it without a US based broadband connection. It’s nothing short of torture to try and stream this thing.

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