Hulu Preps for Launch: Video and Beta Invites


Hulu CTO Eric Feng stopped by NewTeeVee HQ this week (while on a tour of various Silicon Valley tech publications) and shared a progress check as well as some forward-looking thoughts on the product he’s been building since last summer, when News Corp and NBC’s “YouTube killer” acquired his video markup company Mojiti. Embedded below is a video interview where we ask Feng about Hulu streaming quality and its plans to get onto platforms beyond the PC browser.

If you haven’t gotten into the Hulu beta yet, I highly recommend it. Hulu provided 2000 invites to GigaOM Network readers at this link. For the full story, head to NewTeeVee. Hulu is expected to launch before the end of March.


Keith Wick

Great interview. Hulu is an extremely well designed, focused site. I have a fat 20/20 pipe and I am looking forward to seeing them expand their HD content to include more then just previews.


Pity is that Hulu is only available in the US. (Same like iPlayer is only available in the UK) No use checking it out in continental Europe

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