BeInSync Offers Flexible Data Management

ScreenshotWe’ve written quite a bit about backups, from swapping backup strategies to protecting data in the cloud. We’ve also looked at a variety of file sharing and remote access solutions. But wouldn’t it be nice to just run one program to take care of all the ways you want to move around and manage your data? That’s the premise of BeInSync, who provide a sort of universal transport layer for your files.

After signing up for the BeInSync service and installing their client software on your computers, four different aspects of data management all flow through this single application: synchronization, sharing, remote access, and backup. You can choose folders on any two of your hard drives to keep in sync (so long as both devices are connected to the internet). You can set up file sharing via web links for your friends or co-workers. You can log in to your own account at the BeInSync site and browse through the files on your own computers. And you can backup your files to Amazon S3 storage.

Most of BeInSync’s operations are done directly between the computers involved, so the only practical limit on the amount of data you can synchronize is set by your connection speed. Additionally, transfers are at the byte level and compressed for additional efficiency. For backups, you get 5GB of S3 space, with an option to purchase more. 256-bit SSL encryption is used for all operations, with an additional level of encryption for backups.

Using just one vendor and having just one piece of software running for these different data-related tasks is an obvious benefit compared to setting up a whole suite of diverse applications. On the flip side, of course, it isn’t free: a year of service will cost you $59.95, with options for two-year or perpetual licenses. And right now this is a Windows-only application; the company has not shipped or announced Mac or Linux support. If you’re in their target market and interested, you can sign up for a 14-day trial via their web site.


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