Did Asus negotiate a killer XP deal for the Eee PC?

3422024404This isn’t a surprise as we knew Asus would be offering the Eee PC with XP pre-installed, but I’ve been watching for it to see what the price would be. I can’t remember if I heard, read or dreamt that Asus was trying to work a deal with Microsoft on the XP licensing, but I’m thinking that happened based on the reported price.The Register indicates that the 4G-X (an Eee PC 4G model with XP) works out to $468. My purchase of the 4G with Linux was the standard $399. Add in that Asus is also bundling a 4 GB SDHC card and optical mouse and it sounds to me like they got a good deal on XP licensing costs. Just a guess based on the news, but if correct, that bodes well for potential purchasers in other countries.I’m still running XP on the Eee PC, which I installed just before CES and only because my USB727 modem isn’t yet supported in Linux. I’ll be going back to Linux on the device at some point, but I made the mistake of loading eReader on the Eee… I have to finish the book I started before I go back to Linux. *crosses fingers and wishes for a Linux build of eReader*


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