Daily Mirror Scraps Mobile Site, New One Six Months Away

UK newspaper Daily Mirror has scrapped its mobile site in preparation for a new mobile service it is working on, reports NMA. Parent company Trinity Mirror (LSE: TNI) has been working on the new services for a while, but apparently the new services are to be launched “within six months”, so if the Daily Mirror doesn’t think it’s worth keeping the site going until the new version it must be in pretty dire straits. New head of interactive and mobile for Trinity Mirror Rick Gleave said: “We brought down the old site because it was lacking any thought. It wasn’t promoted online or in the paper”…the unspoken comment is that he didn’t think the site was worth promoting either. He is now hunting for a platform provider and advertising partner. He said the new site will give readers the “Mirror experience” and will “draw on our strengths in sports and entertainment, as well as the star writers and wealth of regional news we have”.


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