10 Steps to Innovation, from Lifehack

We like Lifehack.org, and today they’ve got an instructive piece on 10 steps to innovation. First things first: you must be an engaged “observer.”

By observing how we and other people do things, we will spot opportunities for improvements. The more we observe, the more opportunities we will find [to] provide solutions for some of the problems [and] have first-mover advantage.

Author Donald Latumahina then offers a list of 10 practical things you can do to innovate through observation. Here they are, very abbreviated. (I highlight #8, which I think is especially practical.) Do read the whole post, where each each action item is described in greater detail.

1. Don’t take things for granted
2. Watch for inconveniences
3. Watch for possible gaps
4. Follow tech trends
5. Watch how your competitors work
6. Observe different people in different places
7. Capture every idea
8. Create a master list of problems

9. Review your master list of problems
10. Take action


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