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Miasole Founder Has New Company, Different Film: According to CNET, the former CEO of thin film startup Miasole, Dave Pearce, has become the CEO of a new company called Nuvosun, which will look to develop a film to prevent moisture from penetrating think-film solar panels as well as OLED displays – CNET.

GE Makes A $1B Wind Deal: GE Energy announced that it has placed a $1 billion plus wind farm order from the power company Invenergy. — Reuters.

Ethanol Twice As Bad As Gas: Remind us again why the U.S. is so eager to push corn-based ethanol? UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center says that corn-based ethanol could have double the carbon emissions of gasoline, if you consider the ruining of tree-covered carbon sinks to make way for crop land — WSJ.

Quantum Fuels Acquires Stake in German Solar: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies has bought a 25% equity stake in the German solar developer Advanced and Automotive Solar Systems (ASOLA) – GreenCarCongress.

Another Take on Khosla vs Romm: Most of us have been reading the back and forth between Vinod Khosla and Joeseph Romm over on Gristmill. Here’s another view of the kerfuffle. —


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