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Southwest Airlines To Offer Inflight Broadband

Now that inflight broadband is back in fashion, why shouldn’t low-cost operators get in on the action? Southwest Airlines will soon start testing satellite-delivered broadband Internet access on four of its planes. Southern Calif.-based Row 44, which has cut a similar deal with Alaska Airlines, will provide the technology, which will deliver a 30-megabit-per-second data connection to the planes.

11 Responses to “Southwest Airlines To Offer Inflight Broadband”

  1. That’s awesome. There are times when I am making a coast-to-coast flight that I need access to the computer to check email. Though most of Southwest’s legs aren’t that long, it is still great to know that we can access the internet, if needed.

  2. Agree with Constance – I was in Seattle/Tacoma recently & looked for an outlet at the gate so I wouldn’t burn battery waiting to board the plane.


    I do have better luck re: battery, though; the high capacity battery I got with my Dell Vostro lasts almost 4 hours (I know because my son & I watched 3 plus episodes of “Band of Brothers” each way on our trip).

  3. Amen, Benoit, that’s what I’ve been saying about in-flight wifi for the past year or more. I don’t care if it’s cheap or even if it’s free, my laptop’s battery wipes out after an hour. And of the many airports I visit every year, very very few have enough outlets to go around when at least half the travelers present need to charge.