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TIL Launches Mobile Application; App To Work Independently Of 58888

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[by Cerius Shah] Close at heels of the launch of NDTV Active, Indiatimes has launched its own mobile application. Content appears to be ported from the site, so expect, and a ‘live’ Times Now feed in addition to stocks, cricket and services.

The application has been developed by the Cupertino, CA, headquartered Mobio. Indiatimes also plans to syndicate content to Mobio’s subscriber base in the States in addition to “local citywise content search relevant to NRIs in US,” as stated by Dinesh Wadhawan, CEO TIL in this ET story.

Mobio has reportedly tied up with Airtel and more operator integrations are to be announced soon. Brother in arms, 58888, who share content as well as building space with Indiatimes, appear to have been left out on this one. Mobile development usually comes under the purview of that business unit. The ‘live’ Times Now feed appears to be ye ol’ video over GPRS. Other group properties, including Radio Mirchi and Zoom appear to be missing from the content range offered. Ouch, Cain!

4 Responses to “TIL Launches Mobile Application; App To Work Independently Of 58888”

  1. Mr, Dolittle

    There is a lot of value there already and its not all from 58888 content. Other than TOI mobile, I found the Cricket app and the Quiz app really cool. Check those out. I think indiatimes is going straight after Yahoo Go in India.

  2. Cerius,

    My point is that a business unit that runs/maintains shortcode will not have the technical expertise to build a mobile application. So there's no question of being "left out".

    It may be the same business unit.. But, when they need something developed that they can't do on their own, of course they'd turn to mobio.

  3. Srinath,

    58888 is the business unit that manages mobile, they manage and populate the groups content across WAP, SMS and IVR.

    It being independent of SMS is not the question, the point is that a business unit within a group specializes in a certain vertical and the web division here has partnered with mobio, instead of it being 58888.

    Two content properties were missing, we pointed 'em out.

  4. Nikhil, Cerius.. One of those rare occasions of overzealous reporting from you guys..

    The app is unlikely to be using SMS, and so where's the question of leaving out 58888. There's no "development" but only "maintenance/facilitation" in shortcode :)

    Radio Mirchi partnership? How'd that work really? Stream live audio? If so which city? What do the local advertisers get from the listeners abroad if there are any? In any case, a launch doesn't need to have gazillion features all at the same time. Geez..