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Prince Beams in to Save Climate: Prince Charles appeared before 2,500 delegates at the World Future energy summit via life-sized hologram and invoked the name of “our creator” in an effort to spur leaders to reduce emissions – Guardian Unlimited.

Chevron Partners with Solazyme for Algae Fuel: Chevron is looking to develop and test biodiesel building blocks made from algae with the five-year-old biotech Solazyme. Financial details were not released – CNNMoney.

FTSE Debuts Global Eco Index: The index will measure 50 of the largest cleantech companies. This follows similar recent “green” indexes launches from Standard and Poor, Merrill Lynch, and Barclays – GreenBiz.

Transmissions Lines for Renewables at Odds with NIMBY Environmentalists: The U.S. electrical grid is in sorry shape and to add new, far-flung green power sources will take considerable new transmissions lines. These lines are not hitting resistance with local environmental groups –

The “Mouse” That Roared in Bali: The representative from Papua New Guinea who asked a stubborn United States to
“Please get out of the way,” sits down for a video interview with The New York Times – NYTimes.

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