Disney Unveils Handsets For Japan Venture; Focusing On Women

Disney (NYSE: DIS) has unveiled the three handsets which it will offer in its Japanese MVNO, due to launch on March 1st. “Aimed at young working women, Disney Mobile will first offer three types of mobiles made by Japan’s Sharp, whose outer package is covered with silhouette patterns of Mickey Mouse…They also feature a special button that will allow subscribers to jump to Disney websites, while Disney’s iconic characters can be used on standby screens and to decorate e-mails free of charge” reports ET. Disney has a particularly strong base of adult fans in Japan, so the adult focus makes more sense there.

The service is being launched with Softbank Mobile, Japan’s third-largest mobile operator in terms of subscribers. WSJ says that it plans to offer content including ring tones, videos and games to female Disney fans in their 20s and 30s. Users also will be able to customize phone screens and e-mails with Disney-themed graphics.

Softbank Mobile will handle all of the back-end operations, including customer service and sales through its network of 2,500 Softbank Mobile stores. Disney Mobile also will be available through major electronics retailers as well as its own website. No info on handset pricing, but it said service price plans will be the same as those offered by Softbank Mobile to its subscribers.

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