AT&T's Mobile TV Service To Launch Feb. 5?


The slightly delayed AT&T (NYSE: T) mobile TV service, in partnership with Qualcomm’s (NSDQ: QCOM) MediaFlo, will be launching next month on Feb 5, reports RCR, citing sources. The story says that the service will launch with two exclusive channels, in addition to the eight channels on rival Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) subscribers (which launched its MediaFlo service in March 2007). The eight channels on VZW are CBS (NYSE: CBS) Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN (NYSE: DIS) Mobile TV, Fox Mobile, MTV, NBC News 2Go, NBC 2Go and Nickelodeon. The service will launch with an initial handset from LG (SEO: 066570) Electronics: LG


Amitabh Kumar

The long awaited launch of Mobile TV services based on FLO technology is now scheduled for 4th May 2008. This will be the second FLO based network in addition to Verizon which already provides FLO based mobile TV services since March 2007. A total of ten channels will be transmitted which are grouped into three subscription levels, with the “ Limited” package with $13 per month subscription having four channels ( CBS Mobile, Fox Mobile, NBC and NBC News). The next level, (Basic plan) has nine channels by adding on CNN Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV and Nickelodeon at $15 per month. The Premium packages adds on the movies channel (PIX) with subscription going to $ 30 per month. The premium package will also have AT&T;’s MediaNet cellular access package. AT&T;’s Mobile TV service will be available on two phones ( equipped with MediaFLO receivers) to begin with( LG VU, a touch-screen phone and Samsung Access).
Both AT&T;and Verizon use MediaFLO’s network in the 700 MHz band which provides for upto 14 channels in the allotted bandwidth slot. The PIX and CNN mobile will be available exclusively to AT&T;customers. Verizon also has its two exclusive channels ESPN Radio and MTV Tr3s. The channels are not live transmissions but rescheduled or repurposed content suited for mobiles ( 2GO channels). The PIX channel is a full length movie channel from Sony Entertainment Network.
The new FLO service will find its competition in the MobiTV service which is also available on the AT&T;network using 3G and is priced at $10 a month for the basic package. MobiTV has over 4 million customers across all the carriers it covers. However the broadcast content is expected to bring in a better viewing experience to the users.
In case of Verizon only about 4.6% of the users are reported to have opted for the FLO based Mobile TV service. The usage is expected to grow as the ecosystem of handsets and applications grows. There is a certain inertia for the users to change handsets just to be able to view mobile TV and the launch of iPhone in 2007 did not help in users buying more of FLOTV compatible handsets. MobiTV service on the other hand can be viewed on any phone supporting 3G or GPRS. It also does not help that the iPhones can not receive the transmissions.
This is however a common problem around the world where the users need to buy specific handsets with DVB-H or DMB-T tuners.


just remember all the towers that other companies own Verizon takes care of them just to be the most reliable FYI


Andrew, CV isn't even the same thing as what they are announcing here. CV is video clips, not live. This is mobile broadcast TV from a dedicated network operated by Qualcomm. You're comparing apples to oranges. Sprint's network coverage map looks like an interstate highway map at best. And yes, they are bleeding customers left and right… 600K postpaid and 200K prepaid in 4Q07 alone.

AT&T;has been a bit of a follower, 'tis true Joel, but be careful about a broad statement about Verizon's network. Around here within 30 miles of where I sit they actually drop back to ANALOG, IF anything. Heck, Alltel has them beat here and they use the same technology but since they coexist in the same market they can't share towers that Alltel has had here for years. And as for T-Mobile, they have barely got a 3G network launched due to lack of spectrum and they are SITTING OUT the upcoming 700MHz bonanza. How is that competition for VZW or AT&T;?

Before you go calling me a fanboy of AT&T;I will tell you I have been greatly disappointed in the "me too" and "follow VZW" stance they seem to take (exception being the iPhone that VZW passed on) but it's gotta tell ya something when VZW is ready to dump CDMA to go with LTE like their parent Vodafone, which AT&T;is already on the path toward.


Guys let's not forget here that Verizon's data service for TV, Internet, Voice and everything else HANDS DOWN is Faster, Reliable and better in everyway possible. Sprint has almost the same speeds but only works in MAJOR cities….and when I say major I mean it! Sprint sucks lets admit that, AT&T;is catching up but not even with merging they can keep up with Verizon. T-mobile is the only real competition we got.

Verizon FTW!!!


SPRINT!!!!!!!! the same people who are so bad they are losing customer faster then they can get new ones! please people the only 2 kids on the block are AT&T;and Verizon face it


Who really cares. Sprint hands down has the best tv packages and programs to offer. I was able to watch the entire college basketball game live last night with my sprint phone. ATT CV just is horrible beyond words.

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