Web 2.0 meets Human Body 1.0


If your New Year’s Resolution to get fit is still under construction 21 days later, here’s a quick set of Web 2.0 sites combining social networking, online record keeping and solid health and fitness information for your consideration.

Note – If it has been years since you’ve last worked out, and years since you’ve had a medical checkup, I’d strongly suggest you bookmark this post, get a physical, and then come back.

WalkerTracker – Let’s take the first step – and then the next, and the next. Walking is one of simplest, best forms of exercise that can be done anywhere. But the way of taking walking from “that’s nice” category to “Hey, I’m losing weight!” is by measuring how much you walk with a pedometer ($10 – $30), and then social networking with others who also have the walking bug. Enter WalkerTracker with is clean Web 2.0 interface, groups of walkers to join physically or virtually, automated encouragement (it still counts). Free with ads or ad free for $18/year $33/lifetime. Bring your digital camera.


Is walking a little to sedimentary for you? How about rock climbing? You can hook up with other climbers worldwide at Bouldr, a social network/Google map mashup for the seriously vertically inclined. This new free Web 2.0 site has two goals: be able to get concise information about climbing anywhere in the world and make it easy to find climbing partners. Bring your digital camera – and good luck!

Maybe what you need is a way for you and your buddies at work or online to commit as a group. In that case, definitely have a look at PEERtrainer, a site for finding and creating online groups of people ready to start acting and stop procrastinating about their health. At this site, it’s all about peer pressure and peer support – strong accelerants when you want to get the fitness fires burning.

Peer motivation is all well and good, but maybe what you need a good online app to track and plan what you eat and how you exercise in addition to external motivation. Have a look at traineo – one of the leading get healthy sites on the net today. Traineo combines creating a circle of motivating friends to keep you on that treadmill with simple online tools to track you food intake and workouts. Traineo is one of the leaders in this approach, although it’s online tools may be too simplistic for some.

If your last visit to a gym was last century, RunFatBoy will generate an easy to use workout plan for you – and no one needs to know you got it here. The brainchild of not-supermodel-thin Nebraskan Jim Jones, this may be what you need to confront your reality.

If you have concerns about a specific condition or disease, and you’re looking for solid information, an online community and real ways to deal with it, a visit to Steve Case’s RevolutionHealth is definitely in order.

“After leaving AOL, I thought long and hard about what I should do next. I felt that health care was in dire need of transformative change, and decided to build another company that could be a change agent, with the goal of shifting power into the hands of people themselves.

I see this as a business opportunity, to be sure, and we’re aiming to build Revolution Health into a major company. But I also see this as an opportunity to do some good, by tackling a health care system that is a mess, in the way I know best: by building a company that can change the world.”

RevolutionHealth’s Web 2.0 Health Goal Setter – and the experts who moderate each goal is very slick and a great way to focus on what ails you.



These are all great applications that will certainly help improve members health and help them reach their own personal goal. Health 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of healthcare. It takes a sea of knowledge and funnels it down into segments that are easily understood and implemented into individual’s lives.

I like the idea of community sites pushing the idea of setting goals for wellness management. Individuals are more likely to stick with a goal, like exercising or eating right when their peers are relying on them for support and accountability. It is exiting to think that with all of these great sites we are just scratching the surface of potential for Health 2.0.


Very cool article and the sites are great for people looking for a jump start. It is nice to read something that is helpful and healthy vs. selling something.


Thanks for the info. Since Jan 1 I have had remarkable satisfaction with sparkpeople.com. This site seems primarily populated by females, but there is a “Guy’s Lounge” and some male “Teams” on there. I could imagine guys could easily meet girls there, and you can opt to make “friends” with sparkpeople you find in your own zipcode. You can opt to track nutrition and/or exercise there, learn about exercise techniques, create a personal page, and it is very easy to connect with this incredibly positive community of people. I’ve noticed there are people from every part of the fitness spectrum there.


This is definitely an interesting list of health/fitness sites. I’m taking a look at them now.

Although it’s not a “Web 2.0” application (just yet), you may be interested to check out what may be the easiest way to get in shape.

xFit helps people get in shape and stay fit by putting fitness in the palm of your hand. It is an application that works on mobile devices and gives a complete, full-body workout that requires no weights or equipment. That means you can do it anywhere — at home or on the road.

You can download a limited trial version of xFit now, free of charge, at http://www.mobileXware.com. The complete workout currently sells for $24.95.

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