Samsung Q1 Ultra review: Windows Now


Samsung_q1_ultra_umpcRobert and I must have some blog telepathy going on. He checked the performance of Vista both pre- and post-SP1 and I followed suit. I’ve been sharing info on my Samsung Q1P and now Robert got a loaner Q1 Ultra for review. This is his first experience with an Ultra Mobile PC, which is why I’m pointing out the review; it’s always refreshing to get someone’s first look at a device class we’ve covered for so long.Robert didn’t have Bluetooth in his unit, which he feels is a much needed function. The overall hardware running Vista left him wanting more, as it does with so many other Samsung Q1 owners. One of the best points he makes is how lacking the software landscape is for effective use of touch-controls. No argument there and as I look at the calendar, it saddens me to see such few new offerings in this area: bear in mind, this May will be the two-year anniversary of the first Samsung Q1 unit. Nearly two years and yet there’s really not that much new in the way of touch applications…



I can understand B’s concern, but even if “touch” means poking with a stylus on the go, there’s still no real integrated UI, no innovation beyond launching applications with Origami (well, okay, listening to music).

It’s frustrating to see so little innovation in ordinary functions, when they’ve done such a magnificent job of handwriting recognition which, with voice recognition, should be the hardest part.

Maybe the MID revolution, like smart phones or something, will push things in that direction.


I’d say the number one obstacle against more touch applications is smudging. Personally I can’t stand any sort of smudge or mark on my devices. Touching screens with your fingers is bound to leave a smudge, and touchscreen computing won’t be taken seriously until they develop a smudgeless screen.

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