Gosen Leaves I-Play/Oberon; Restructuring of Gaming Player


David Gosen, the CEO of mobile gaming company I-Play and president of Oberon Media (after I-Play got bought by Oberon mid last year), has left the company, as part of restructuring and integration as a result of the merger. Oberon is based in NYC and I-Play is based in UK….part of the reason why Gosen might be leaving is the consolidated operations in NYC.

Gosen has been replaced by Don Ryan, Oberon’s SVP of publishing, who will now be in charge of the company’s mobile activities. As we reported back in October, Oberon did some layoffs and streamlined operations. Gosen was one of the more high profile mobile gaming executives in the industry…no word yet on what he’ll do next.

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jack dawson

Carriers in US will eventually put all game publishers except deep pocket EA and Gameloft out of biz if model does not change soon.

Forget the rest… they are toast.


Gosen didn't leave he was asked to leave as the company integrates all publishing under Ryan's leadership in NYC

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